Girl you know it´s true


After long preparations, Simon Verhoeven's new film "Girl you know it's true" about the triumphant and tragic story of the 80s pop duo Milli Vanilli is currently being shot in Munich, Berlin, Cape Town and Los Angeles. The first pictures show Tijan Njie as Robert Pilatus, Elan Ben Ali as Fabrice Morvan and Matthias Schweighöfer as Frank Farian.

Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann and Kirstin Winkler produce for Wiedemann and Berg / Leonine.

FC Bayern - Behind The Legend


On 2 November 2021, the documentary series "FC Bayern - Behind The Legend" will be released on Amazon Prime.

The series interweaves the successful but also challenging events of the season under manager Hansi Flick with past chapters of the legendary football club, allowing unique, unfiltered and – above all – unexpectedly human insights into the locker room as well as the executive suite.

Simon Verhoeven developed this series as executive producer and co-directed it.

Ernst Lubitsch Prize for Nightlife


Simon Verhoeven receives the "Ernst Lubitsch Prize" for his film Nightlife, which is awarded annually by the Club of Filmcritics Berlin.

Simon about the award: "For me, the Ernst Lubitsch Prize is one of the most beautiful prizes a director and writer can ever receive. I am touched, honored and grateful. Ernst Lubitsch and Billy Wilder are gods and of course I am only human, but this award will be a strong incentive for me to keep trying to entertain, to touch, to delight in charming and humane ways. Especially in these depressing times, this seems infinitely important to me. Now the cinemas just have to open again!

Nightlife most successful film 2020


Nightlife became the most successful German film of the year with 1.4 million viewers. In a year in which not only our film remained far below its potential, but almost all films, distributors and above all the cinemas were hit extremely hard, the joy is of course very limited.